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Homework #2: "Transformations"

Thanks for your very spirited and imaginative contributions to today's class. I think we have a really great group.

By way of a reminder, the assignment for next Friday is to create a "tape" piece--a variation--in response to the given theme. (Note:"tape" is a misnomer of course, but historically quaint.)


  • 1. The theme, OnceUponATime.WAV, can be found on our coursework site under "materials."
  • 2. Completed pieces must be 30 seconds to 2 minutes in duration.
    • 3. Pieces must be submitted on audio CD (how nostalgic!) that will play in a commercial CD player, not a computer. A jewel case or sleeve is not required.
  • 4. Please label the CD with your name and, optionally, a title.
  • 5. Any audio tools may be used to transform the theme into your piece. However, the only sound source you may employ is the given theme; please do not add any additional samples or sound sources.

That said, the given theme can be warped extensively beyond recognition--or not (as per your individual artistic goals).