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Music 220C: Course Wiki

This is a community wiki page maintained by Music 220C class.

Note: Register a link to your project blog in the section below.

Project Description

Please write up your system and possible needs for the concert. Make it short!

  • example: my project
 - 24 speakers (from my audio system)
 - 3 beam projector (from Processing)
 - Rehearsal and Tech prep = about 1 hr
 - 2 players
 - Disklavier
  • Nik Sawe's fMRI-to-music pieces.
 - Projector with HDMI access
 - Rehearsal and Tech prep - 20 minutes
 - Like Micah, any computer that can be hooked up to the projector (will bring my own but backups are nice since I'm particularly vulnerable to Murphy's Law of Electronics)
  • Tim O'Brien's piece. (Title to be finalized soon.)
 - 24 speakers + maybe additional small speakers at odd angles
   (I already discussed this with Nando and will continue to communicate with him and Carr)
 - No projector. Lights off if possible, or some low lighting emphasizing the speakers.
 - Rehearsal and Tech prep = about 2 hrs (though I could be quicker if necessary)
 - Fixed media. Will use Ardour3 on the CCRMA linux machine.
  • Gestalt Rock - Micah Arvey
 - As many speakers as will be there.  1-24 is fine.
 - Projector needed, mainly to display UI and waveform.
 - Rehearsal and Tech prep = about 10 minutes
 - Any computer with Google Chrome that can be hooked up to projector and speakers
  • Reza Payami
 - 24 speakers 
 - Rehearsal and Tech prep about 2 hours or shorter
 - Up to around 6 players and sound cards
 - Disklavier
  • Romain Michon (title to be finalized)
 - 24 speakers (from my audio system through netjack)
 - Projector (from Processing - VGA)
 - Rehearsal and Tech prep = about 2 hr
 - 2 players
 - Small table for my laptop
  • Phonemic Music Control - Alex Kaneko
 - Speakers (stereo is sufficent)
 - Projector
 - Rehearsal/Tech = 15 mins


Nik Sawe - Converting fMRI Signal into a Symphony

Micah Arvey - Web Application for active and custom listening

Romain Michon - Composition for the Chanforgnophone

Reza Payami - Instrument Design and Composition

Emily Graber - Musical Computer Music

Andy Stuhl - Research on Imagined Sound and Inner Voice

Kunal Datta - AudioTour. (name pending)

Tim O'Brien - Powers of Two

Erin Baumann - Synesthesia and Pitch Memory

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