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Erin Baumann - [https://ccrma.stanford.edu/~erin/220c/projectblog.html Synesthesia and Pitch Memory]
Erin Baumann - [https://ccrma.stanford.edu/~erin/220c/projectblog.html Synesthesia and Pitch Memory]
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Music 220C: Course Wiki

This is a community wiki page maintained by Music 220C class.

Note: Register a link to your project blog in the section below.

Project Blogs

Hongchan - Designing a framework for Web Audio API

Nik Sawe - Converting fMRI Signal into a Symphony

Micah Arvey - Web Application for active and custom listening

Romain Michon - Composition for the Chanforgnophone

Reza Payami - A real-time component based on voice analysis/synthesis models

Emily Graber - Musical Computer Music

Andy Stuhl - Research on Imagined Sound and Inner Voice

Kunal Datta - AudioTour. (name pending)

Tim O'Brien - Close Encounters

Erin Baumann - Synesthesia and Pitch Memory


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