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Music 220c - Research Seminar in Computer-Generated Music

About the Class

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Michael's Synopses of the 5-min presentations:

  • Stephen Henderson - Alzheimer's helped by medial prefrontal cortex? helped by music?
  • Grahame Lesh - Live Video Recording/Editing of a band based on their output.
  • Dohi Moon - Electronic Music + Animation
  • Francesco Georg - Webcam motion tracking of dancing/gesture for control of music
  • Tyler Maue - Game-based, Loop-Generating, based on Simon™, using BopIt™-inspired interface with a computer to generate video/music.
  • Isaac Wang - Expansion of 220B project - sonifying twitter updates - Something generative/automated that also sounds good, put interface on server so that people can "tweet" from anywhere. Collaborative.
  • Jacob Wittenberg - divine players choices (maybe in Jazz?) with MIDI info, formulate algorythms based on choices made by performers - learn the probabilities for different things (Machine learning) so that one can play a duet with oneself. The computer "knows" one's style.
  • Charlie Forkish - Produce a stage show. Develop a system that will take inputs from each player (of about five), and visualize each input to a freakin' LASER BEAM(!) — using freq. analysis/tracking, envelope tracking, timbre tracking, etc...
  • Uri Nieto - iPad application; Lemur-like, granular synthesis, more "react-pad." "group" performance.
  • Colin Raffel - Getting Rain Barrels - Live sampling, wireless miking — group music making.
  • Linden Melvin - My Project Webpage
  • Adam Shepperd - live noise compositions in the past; finding a new way to present the material to people: create a sound sculpture with the older noise compositions. 64 compositions (one for each day of this quarter) edit them down, for the sound sculpture, using bobbing birds, monome, and arduino. SOUND SCULPTURE WILL BE THE PRESENTATION OF THESE 64 COMPOSITIONS.
  • Xiang Zhang & Bjoern Erlach - w/ J. Abel.
  • Michael Repper - Spectrogram stuff.


Thurs. May 27, 2010:

  • Lesh
  • Moon/SLSQ
  • Georg
  • Maue
  • Wang
  • Forkish (laser apparatus)
  • Nieto?
  • Raffel
  • Melvin
  • Sheppard

Backyard reqs.

  • risers
  • screen
  • PA
  • stage

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