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Music 220c - Research Seminar in Computer-Generated Music

About the Class

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~ Michael's Synopses of the 5-min presentations:

  • Stephen Henderson - Alzheimer's helped by medial prefrontal cortex? helped by music?
  • Grahame Lesh - Live Video Recording/Editing of a band based on their output.
  • Dohi Moon - Electronic Music + Animation
  • Francesco Georg - Webcam motion tracking of dancing/gesture for control of music
  • Tyler Maue - Game-based, Loop-Generating, based on Simon™, using BopIt™-inspired interface with a computer to generate video/music.
  • Isaac Wang - Expansion of 220B project - sonifying twitter updates - Something generative/automated that also sounds good, put interface on server so that people can "tweet" from anywhere. Collaborative.
  • Jacob Wittenberg - divine players choices (maybe in Jazz?) with MIDI info, formulate algorythms based on choices made by performers - learn the probabilities for different things (Machine learning) so that one can play a duet with oneself. The computer "knows" one's style.
  • Charlie Forkish - Produce a stage show. Develop a system that will take inputs from each player (of about five), and visualize each input to a freakin' LASER BEAM(!) — using freq. analysis/tracking, envelope tracking, timbre tracking, etc...
  • Uri Nieto - iPad application; Lemur-like, granular synthesis, more "react-pad." group performance.
  • Colin Raffel -
  • Linden Melvin -
  • Adam Shepperd -


  • Bjoern Erlach -
  • Michael Repper -
  • Roy Fejgin -
  • Lauchlan Casey -

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