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Final Project



Due date

  • (presentation / demo / performance) : Tuesday 3/12, 10-12:00am CCRMA Stage
  • Setup will begin at 8:30 so please come early!
  • Breakfast will be provided so invite your friends!!!

Part 1: Open-Ended Project

  • as discussed in class, the final project is open-ended
  • work on something your interested in and have fun!

Part 2: Show it / Perform It

  • aim for 5-10 minute per piece (though your fully designed live performance can be longer)
  • keep in mind setup/transition time
  • final presentations + performances

Part 3: Description/Reflection (Thursday, 3/14)

  • final class to discuss projects and ask/answer questions of each presenter

Part 4: Critique (due Tuesday, 3/19)

  • after the final presentations, choose two of your classmates' projects
  • write a one page critique of each illustrating strengths and weaknesses


turn in all files by putting them in your Library/Web/220b/project/ directory, and then linking to them from your Library/Web/220b/final.html - and submitting the link to Takako, Rob, and Spencer

  • 1) source code + sound files for your performance
  • 2) written documentation (and any program notes / bios)
  • 3) your final.html should link to these files
  • 4) a presentation/demo or live performance of the piece

And, to be submitted separately via email to Takako, Rob, and Spencer:

  • 5) a critique of two of the performances/demos