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== Due date ==
== Due date ==
* (files + documentation) 2008.3.4 11:59:59pm (or thereabout), Tuesday.
* (files + documentation) Extended!  (TBA)
* (live performance) 2008.3.5 8pm, Wednesday, CCRMA Stage
* (live performance) Extended! (TBA)

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Homework #3: Computer-Mediated Live Performance



Due date

  • (files + documentation) Extended! (TBA)
  • (live performance) Extended! (TBA)


  • you have the option of officially working in a duo
  • you can still go "maverick" (i.e., solo)
  • try to pair up with someone with whom you haven't played together (a lot) before

Part 1: Create a Live Performance

  • create a computer-mediated live performance, using any combination of the tools we've covered in 220a/b:
    • ChucK
    • pd
    • even TAPESTREA, calories, and/or Audacity (may need to think harder about how to use these in a meaningful way for live performance)
  • in your design of the piece, pay attention to the following questions:
    • what is the difference between a live computer music performance vs. non-live media? (what does it mean to perform live with a computer?)
    • what is to be the musical instrument here?
    • how to musically engage the performer(s)?
    • how to expressively engage the audience?
    • at what levels (of expression, abstraction, representation) does the performance interact with the computer?
    • what is the computer:human involvement ratio?
    • sonic/visual/performative aesthetic?
    • how much, if any, improvisation? score?
  • create documentation for your performance
    • program notes (if any)
    • README

Part 2: Perform It

  • 220b recital: March 5th, 2008, 8pm, CCRMA Stage
  • dress rehearsal at 5pm prior to concert
  • aim for 3-7 minute per piece (though your fully designed live performance can be longer)
  • keep in mind setup/transition time

A Few Examples as Starting Points

(experiment! definitely not limited to these)

  • live coding
  • laptop as physical instrument (see http://smelt.cs.princeton.edu/)
  • commodity and/or custom computer music controllers
  • live processing/sampling (computer + other instrument, e.g., voice, flute, saxophone, bass guitar, tuba, paper, etc.)
  • sound + image/graphics/video (what is the interaction thereof?)


turn in all files by putting them in your Library/Web/220b/hw2/ directory, and then linking to them from your Library/Web/220b/hw2.html

  • 1) all source code + sound files for your performance
  • 2) written documentation + program notes / bios
  • 3) your hw3.html should link to these files
  • 4) a live performance of the piece on 3.5.2008, Wednesday 8pm, CCRMA Stage