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(Homework #0:)
(Homework #0:)
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= Homework #0: =
= Homework #0: Hello Computer (Music)” =
=== Due Date ===
=== Due Date ===

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Homework #0: Hello Computer (Music)”

Due Date

  • 2021.4.2 11:59:59pm, Friday

Part 1:

  • Find any sample ChucK program that you like, find interesting, etc.
  • Change exactly one number that makes an important difference in the output of the program
  • Run the modified program and record a few seconds it to a wav file
  • write a thoughtful paragraph about you did: which example you chose, how you found it, what interested you about it, what you changed, and any observations or things you learned along the way. Include a link to the example code you started with.

Part 2: A Short-form Musical Statement

  • create a musical statement in the form of a ChucK program
    • no more than 30 seconds in duration
    • use anywhere between 1 to 50 lines of code
  • record the statement to a wav file
  • write a thoughtful paragraph about what you did: conveying your ideas/comments in constructing each program, with any special instructions on running your program, and describing any difficulties you encountered in the process. Please also acknowledge anyone that helped you here.

Part 3: Create a CCRMA Webpage and Post Your Work

  • follow these instructions: “Hello CCRMA!”
  • copy all ChucK (.ck) and sound (*.wav) to your 220a/hw0 web directory and link them from your HTML page
  • include your thoughtful paragraphs from Parts 1 and 2 in your index.html


turn in all files by putting them in your 220a CCRMA webpage and submit ONLY your webpage URL to Canvas

Your webpage should include: