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* or ? (talk to us!)
* or ? (talk to us!)
=== Due Date ===
=== Due Dates ===
* milestone 1: 2021.5.17 (in-class) Monday
* milestone 1: 2021.5.17 (in-class) Monday
* milestone 2: 2021.5.24 (in-class) Monday
* milestone 2: 2021.5.24 (in-class) Monday

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Final Project: Design Your Own

In this open-ended final project, you are to devise your own project. The only requirement is that you

  • “do something interesting with computer-generated sound”
  • incorporate audio programming (using ChucK) in some way
  • produce a polished media (audio or audio-video) showcasing or documenting your project

This can take one of many forms, including:

  • a musical statement, possibly incorporating topics from Music 220A
  • a (computer) music video!
  • a software system to support musical composition, performance, and/or other creative use
  • A structured and documented exploration into a particular topic from 220A, possibly as a teaching guide or resource for a particular audience (e.g., a webpage illustrating a particular synthesis technique or a suite of code example and visualizations to illustrate a particular perceptual phenomenon)
  • or ? (talk to us!)

Due Dates

  • milestone 1: 2021.5.17 (in-class) Monday
  • milestone 2: 2021.5.24 (in-class) Monday
  • final deliverables due: 2021.6.2 (11:59pm) Wednesday
  • listening party: (time and format TBA)


  • for Milestone 1 (5/17), please come to class with three ideas (ideally as different as possible from one another) and be prepared to talk about them; choose one of three ideas and do some preliminary work (code, score, design, etc.)
  • for Milestone 2 (5/24), please demonstrate a functioning work-in-progress. Include anything on your webpage that's helpful to talk about your explorations and thinking for this milestone.
  • as always, please be prepared to offer constructive feedback to others


turn in all files by putting them in your 220a CCRMA webpage and submit ONLY your webpage URL to Canvas (in the form of https://ccrma.stanford.edu/~YOURID/220a/final"

Your "final" webpage should include:

  • 1) all ChucK (.ck) files and sound (.wav) files, as applicable
  • 2) polished "portfolio grade" documentation either as a video or an audio recording.
  • 3) notes/title/user manual, as applicable, for the final product
  • 4) comments and reflections as you work through the project
  • 5) submit ONLY your webpage URL to Canvas