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7-Oct Modulation & Delay

(from codelab )

- FM & web audio

tremolo / vibrato / filter / ADSR / FM

DX7 FM synth, web audio emulation

- FM & Chuck (hw2)

paste code from hw2 starter code into webchuck and run it

- Delay, waves and digital filters

download 4 .wav files produced by my modified hw2 starter codes, which are here

start the 220a ambisonic-recorder and load those 4 files

experiment with source position, reverberation and wall materials

28-Sep Sonification

(written in chuck and exported to .wav file)

tides slow

tides fast

jamming with tidal sonification

(written in web audio and played live in browser)

tides fast

compare visual + auditory

environmental and brain wave examples

Earth Sciences and Med School