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Student Music Presentations

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  • Chris Warren: musical uses of modified transducers, feedback piano piece


  • David Bao: metal tracks and discussion of quality/range of Mike Patton vocals

  • Lawrence Fyfe: played Creative Commons licensed piece by Lavoura from ccMixter.com: [ccMixter.com]; discussion of CC licensing (between Copyright and Public Domain)


  • Michael Perl: multitrack recording of band in ProTools; influences: Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Mayer; Discussion of mic setup, soloing of instrument tracks


  • John Blessing: live sound at Stanford; discussion of IP, copyright, fair use, sampling/bootleg violation of DMCA ("transformative work" difficult to substantiate legally)

  • Alex Bulllit: live sound engineer for musical theatre and rock; discussion of theatrical effects sound design


  • Chris Vega: excerpts of pieces with excellent studio production


  • Jennifer Evans: music of Daft Punk, discussion of live gear (and mixing/processing in Abelton Live, Behringer MIDI controllers); group's change from hardware to software-based setup


  • Susan Nourse: Flaming Lips tracks then video of New Year's bash and Daft Punk summer show, asked the question 'what's better about small vs. large arena concert settings'; "a band should be able to entertain a crowd and the light show really helps"


  • Turner Kirk: numerous examples of music and elusive references to a character of mythological status
  • Nicholas Bryan: composition reflecting off of Steve Reich: [1]


  • Alex Medearis: turntablism and the X-Ecutioners, who work as an ensemble, trading off musical material, video demonstrates their awareness of stage presence; early connection between DJ and MC/rapper, discussion of "breakbeat" from needing to break up beats in disco records, and/or play only the instrumental "breaks"


  • Yung-Shen Hsiao:The Door timbre of wood and metal percussion explored in synthesis and transformation of samples; musical idea: hide and reveal; ending is transformed melody by Beethoven


  • Ethan Hartman: discussion of aesthetic of randomness; musical examples of Delta blues recording with noise due to 78 medium contrasted with Cage's 'Music of Changes' performed on piano, followed by Cecil Taylor solo piano recording


  • Elise Macmillan: examples of folk-electronic/live performance, including video of Final Fantasy aka Owen Pallet
  • Steinunn Arnardottir: Icelandic music -- performers and bands


  • Alex Williamson: discussion of music


  • Jeff Cooper: live guitar/vocal performance over background track, video against musical selections
  • Alena Kuczynski: the problem of Stanford bubble vs. NYC and personal relationship to music, musical examples


  • Kyle Spratt: Fleischer Studios 1930 cartoon 'Swing, You Singer'; NYC jazz musicians hired to record soundtracks (1921-1942); experimentation of animation in 1930s when it was a new medium; Martin Denny covered the Rube Bloom song 'Song of the Bayou' in the album 'Exotic Percussion' (1961)

  • Blair Bohannan: nostalgia and narrative in music -- what makes a piece nostalgic and how do lyrics and/or visualization make more specific or change the effect? Examples: Rachmaninoff piano concerto (descending melody lines); Granddaddy band (lush texture, lyrics, narrative, 2000); 'Hedwig and the Angry Itch' film song performance 'The Origin of Love'


  • Jeff Smith
  • Hayden Bursk - Good music doesn't have to be recorded well: An approach to improvisational music production.

Be sure to pickup Hayden's digital EP at your fine online music retailer (iTunes, Napster, eMusic, Rhapsody...) The album is called "Duct Tape for Broken Hearts" by Oh Travioso

  • Lea Simon


  • Tania Lanfer Marquez
  • Reed Anderson
  • Chris Weill
  • Gina Gu
  • Diana Siwiak
  • Jidenna Mobisson
  • Isaac Wang
  • Adnan Marquez


  • Mauricio Rodriguez
  • Kimberly Johnson
  • Jason Riggs
  • Cobi van Tonder