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Student Music Presentations

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  • Chris Warren: musical uses of modified transducers, feedback piano piece


  • David Bao: metal tracks and discussion of quality/range of Mike Patton vocals

  • Lawrence Fyfe: played Creative Commons licensed piece by Lavoura from ccMixter.com: [ccMixter.com]; discussion of CC licensing (between Copyright and Public Domain)


  • Michael Perl: multitrack recording of band in ProTools; influences: Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Mayer; Discussion of mic setup, soloing of instrument tracks


  • John Blessing: live sound at Stanford; discussion of IP, copyright, fair use, sampling/bootleg violation of DMCA ("transformative work" difficult to substantiate legally)

  • Alex Bulllit: live sound engineer for musical theatre and rock; discussion of theatrical effects sound design


  • Chris Vega: excerpts of pieces with excellent studio production


  • Jennifer Evans: music of Daft Punk, discussion of live gear (and mixing/processing in Abelton Live, Behringer MIDI controllers); group's change from hardware to software-based setup


  • Susan Nourse: Flaming Lips tracks then video of New Year's bash and Daft Punk summer show, asked the question 'what's better about small vs. large arena concert settings'; "a band should be able to entertain a crowd and the light show really helps"


  • Turner Kirk: numerous examples of music and elusive references to a character of mythological status
  • Nicholas Bryan: composition reflecting off of Steve Reich: [1]


  • Alex Medearis: turntablism and the X-Ecutioners, who work as an ensemble, trading off musical material, video demonstrates their awareness of stage presence; early connection between DJ and MC/rapper, discussion of "breakbeat" from needing to break up beats in disco records, and/or play only the instrumental "breaks"


  • Yung-Shen Hsiao:The Door timbre of wood and metal percussion explored in synthesis and transformation of samples; musical idea: hide and reveal; ending is transformed melody by Beethoven


  • Ethan Hartman: discussion of aesthetic of randomness; musical examples of Delta blues recording with noise due to 78 medium contrasted with Cage's 'Music of Changes' performed on piano, followed by Cecil Taylor solo piano recording


  • Elise Macmillan: examples of folk-electronic/live performance, including video of Final Fantasy aka Owen Pallet
  • Steinunn Arnardottir: Icelandic music -- performers and bands


  • Alex Williamson: discussion of music


  • Jeff Cooper: live guitar/vocal performance over background track, video against musical selections
  • Alena Kuczynski: the problem of Stanford bubble vs. NYC and personal relationship to music, musical examples


  • Kyle Spratt: Fleischer Studios 1930 cartoon 'Swing, You Singer'; NYC jazz musicians hired to record soundtracks (1921-1942); experimentation of animation in 1930s when it was a new medium; Martin Denny covered the Rube Bloom song 'Song of the Bayou' in the album 'Exotic Percussion' (1961)

  • Blair Bohannan: nostalgia and narrative in music -- what makes a piece nostalgic and how do lyrics and/or visualization make more specific or change the effect? Examples: Rachmaninoff piano concerto (descending melody lines); Granddaddy band (lush texture, lyrics, narrative, 2000); 'Hedwig and the Angry Itch' film song performance 'The Origin of Love'


  • Jeff Smith
  • Hayden Bursk - Good music doesn't have to be recorded well: An approach to improvisational music production.
  • Baek Chang
  • Lea Simon


  • Tania Lanfer Marquez
  • Reed Anderson
  • Chris Weill
  • Gina Gu
  • Diana Siwiak
  • Jidenna Mobisson
  • Isaac Wang
  • Adnan Marquez


  • Mauricio Rodriguez
  • Kimberly Johnson
  • Jason Riggs
  • Cobi van Tonder