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SLOrk 2009

Lights and Levitation

  • Andy, Mikael, David


  • Craig, Isak, David


  • Craig, Mikael(--)


  • Leah, Rob, Jieun


  • Visda

Live Coding


Feel free to submit introductory tutorials or suggestions regarding performance for any of the pieces currently in the Slork repertoire. Not only could many of last year's members use a refresher in the control-systems and subtleties of each very different piece, but to new members struggling with putting all the pieces together, these basic comments can get the ball rolling.

Take it for Granite

by Perry Cook

To start, open a terminal window and type: "granite". A simple GUI with three horizontal sliders and a single button will open and you will hear a crackling sound (you will also hear a few percussive beats but that's a bug, isn't it? ) Move the sliders to the right and you'll hear changes in amplitude of the crackling sound (top slider), pitch of the crackling sound (middle slider), and density of the drum-like percussive beats (bottom slider). Pressing the button labled "Sync Pattern" will output a strong pulse, grounding the rhythmic pattern temporarily to your beat.