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Project #3: "Big Sound Sketches"

In this homework, you are to sketch out a proposal & an early working prototype for a full-ensemble SLOrk piece.

Due dates

  • 2023.5.9 Tuesday midnight (over Discord in the #big-sound-sketches channel): a video of an early sketch (sound + interaction)
    • submit at least one video per person (if you aren't yet in a group) OR per group (if you have a group idea in mind)
    • if group video, be prepared to talk about your contribution
    • if you/your group have more than one idea, feel free to submit more than one for feedback from the class
  • 2023.5.10 Wednesday (in class; relevant files in SVN before class): be prepared to try out your sketch using 12 stations



  • design and prototype a instrument idea intended for the full ensemble (up to 12 human performers and stations)
  • consider issues of playability, expressiveness, the sound through the hemispherical speaker arrays, and also use in an larger ensemble setting
  • come to class on Wednesday prepared to try out your sketch in a full-ensemble setting (12 performers and stations)
    • how will it sound?
    • how will it play?
    • will it be networked?
    • will it be conducted? if so, how? (feel free to invent your own conducting gestures)
    • bring plans for a brief musical statement (1-2 minute) to try with the group
  • please check in your instrument prototype into SVN with a script and before class to facilitate running your sketch from every station



  • S.M.E.L.T. toolkit for mapping keyboard, mouse, joystick to sound
  • Open Sound Control networking is optional, but if you do network, OSC is the standard for sending control messages
  • If you need help with ChucK, S.M.E.L.T., or OSC please reach out in Discord or contact the teaching team!
  • feel free to start experimenting and prototyping on your own, but you'll want to get into the listening room and work with an actual hemi speakers