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Program Order

hana / roshan

dan, omar, diego

adi / madeline

trijeet / tj /dan

hana solo

madeline / ge

jorge / hyung-suk (if it happens)

claire / andrew

noam and caleb


Title of Piece: BBQ

Program Notes: BBQ is an exploration of the English alphabet, and more broadly, the onomatopoeic nature of the language system we use to express ourselves. Sometimes you just feel so SPKCHYA, or RAHWUMPOWCHKU, you know. As words fail, we'll let the music speak and the letters sing.

Bio: Hana is a composer, pianist, and first-year Master's student at CCRMA. She gets easily excited about sound synthesis, improvisation, Disney songs, tango music, yellow minions, and filling the world with interesting sounds.


I. Biography

Hsin-Fang Wu

Claire (Hsin-Fang), from Taiwan, loves music and plays piano and flute. Her childhood dream was becoming a pianist, but somehow she becomes a engineer and might have to spend rest of her life coding and debugging…...

Andrew is a CS guy who loves experiments. He just started to mess around with computer music this quarter.

BTW, Claire and Andrew both love tapioca milk tea.

II. Title of the piece: option: - Markov’s river

III. Program Notes

The piece comprise three sounds, a bassist, a sound with fixed rhythm pattern, and a high-pitch sound. The melody is developed in a random sense and provides the feel of a running river. For the structure, the piece include two parts. The first part deliver calm, steady and peaceful feeling. In the second part, there are more variations in rhythm pattern, tempo, volume and range.


Title: Adi's [Horrifying] Mind

Group bio: Madeline is a PhD student at CCRMA. Adi spends his time training German Shepherds to bark in Spanish. Their three-week long partnership has produced their first joint opus, which Adi lovingly calls "Just Chuckin' Around".

Program notes: The piece depends on mixed use of a single electrode EEG device, which collects the raw electromagnetic waves emitted by a performer's brain. These, and the identifiable signals they throw off, are sonified, while accompanying Gametrak instrument adds an array of textures to the work.

Diab, Aguilar & Noé

Omar Diab is a co-term student in Computer Science. He is originally from Cleveland and has been mixing and producing electronic music for nearly a decade. Daniel Noé is a senior studying Computer Science. A native of Los Angeles, he is excited to perform in his first ensemble. Diego Aguilar is a senior studying English Lit who hails from Silver Spring, Maryland. He has played in jazz and rock bands since high school, and is slowly getting over his code phobia.

"March of the Thunder Gods" is an atmospheric piece exploring humanity's interaction with environmental sounds. Daniel manipulates a soundbed of rainstorm field recordings, and Omar expands the range of timbres with sine waves while Diego plays a digital tabla sampler. We have been striving for a minimalist composition structure that relies less on harmony and rhythm than simply juxtaposing our radically different sounds.


  • The Burrito Fries

The Burrito Fries were formed at the Treehouse when Roshan and Hana were wrestling with musical ideas over burritos and fries.

  • Cookin'

What is music but food for the ears. What is food but music for the belly. Cookin’ is a piece about these two things that we all love and their flavorful fusion. (No pun intended.)

Madeline and Ge

Continuum M$G (Madeline & Ge)

Forward motion is. A study in dynamics and balance; cyclic tendrils ebbing and flowing, swelling and retreating; timbres varying over pseudo-life-cycles; voices echoing in space and through windows into processes set in motion long before we are, and will continue long after; like ocean waves, unrelenting, not looking back. Forward motion is.

Bio Madeline Huberth and Ge Wang design musical instruments from the computer, make music with the instruments, and devise experiments from the music.