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Overview: Spring Concert: iterate and revise

This assignment asks you to iterate and improve on the design of your group's piece for the Spring Concert.

Note: Because the last class and the dress rehearsals should (ideally) concentrate on ensemble work (e.g. performance choreography and balance), consider this assignment as your last opportunity to finalize sound designs and implementation of core technical aspects of the piece.

  • Iterate on the design, reinforcing strengths and revising weaknesses of your initial prototype
  • The piece should be "complete", from beginning to end (for a total of 12 +/- 5 minutes duration), although it may be missing some minor components
  • We highly recommend you to create a README file in your group svn folder, describing performance instructions (e.g. MOTU level, which file to run, how to control)

SVN (due May 21)

  • Commit latest code in svn in preparation for the in-class performance.

Due date: May 21 (Tue) 23:59

In-class Performance (due May 22)

  • Each group will be given 30 minutes (for setup, rehearsal, and feedback).

Due date: May 22 (Wed)