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Overview: SLOrktastic: initial prototype

This assignment asks you to design and implement an initial (but completed) prototype for SLOrktastic Chamber Music.

  • Create a piece for an ensemble of 3-4 SLOrk stations, featuring/ leveraging individual instruments created for Assignment 2
  • Consider issues of playability, expressiveness, and use in an ensemble setting using 6 channels
  • Aim for about 10 +/- 2 minutes in duration

We strongly encourage you to use the listening room (located in the bottom floor of CCRMA, next to the recording studio) to prototype your instruments and rehearse your piece. We'll have several SLOrk stations set up there. Listening room can be reserved using your ccrma account: https://ccrma.stanford.edu/rooms/day.php )

Written Proposal (due April 23)

  • Write a short group proposal/ plan for SLOrktastic Chamber Music:
    • Describe the piece you hope to perform in terms of its compositional trajectory, musical elements/ themes, sound designs, and interaction designs.
    • Summarize the role and responsibility of each member in your group
    • Include any challenges your group is currently facing, in terms of musical planning or technical feasibility
  • Your proposal should be about 1-2 page in length (PDF or DOC)
  • Email (one proposal per group) to the teaching staff {jieun5, spencer, kwerner} @ ccrma
  • Please include "SLOrk Assignment 3" in the email subject and names of group members in the email body.

Due date: April 23 (Tue) 23:59

In-class Performance (due April 24)

  • Your group will be given 10-15 minutes to perform your piece. We'll be sharing feedback as a class.

Due date: April 24 (Wed)