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Overview: SLOrktastic: initial prototype

This assignment asks you to design and implement an initial (but completed) prototype for SLOrktastic Chamber Music.

  • Create a piece for an ensemble of 3-4 SLOrk stations, featuring/ leveraging individual instruments created for Assignment 2
  • Consider issues of playability, expressiveness, and use in an ensemble setting
  • Aim for about 10 +/- 2 minutes in duration

Written Proposal (due April 23)

  • Write a short group proposal/ plan for SLOrktastic Chamber Music:
    • Describe the piece you hope to perform in terms of its compositional trajectory, musical elements/ themes, sound designs, and interaction designs.
    • Summarize the role and responsibility of each member in your group
    • Include any challenges your group is currently facing, in terms of musical planning or technical feasibility
  • Your proposal should be about 1-2 page in length (PDF or DOC)
  • Email (one proposal per group) to the teaching staff {jieun5, spencer, kwerner} @ ccrma
  • Please include "SLOrk Assignment 3" in the email subject and names of group members in the email body.

Due date: April 23 (Tue) 23:59

In-class Performance (due April 24)

  • Your group will be given 10-15 minutes to demo your piece in class. We'll be sharing feedback as a class.

Due date: April 24 (Wed)