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Overview: analysis of *LOrk pieces

This assignment is designed to help you get to know various laptop orchestra pieces, and to begin evaluating them more critically.


Write a brief analysis/review of 2 different *LOrk pieces, and 1 non-*LOrk piece of electronic music.

  • Examples of non-*Lork electronic music can be anything from pop, or fixed media EA, or dance music that you may be familiar with.

You may find, view, and listen to examples from the web, such as YouTube, or http://slork.stanford.edu/listen/2009/slorktastic/. Remeber to keep in mind, however, that most of the audio and video recordings cannot fully convey the spatialized sonic experience.

For each of the three pieces, consider the following questions in your analysis:

1. In terms of the quality of the acoustic/ musical output, what do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of this piece?

2. How does technology (e.g. digital audio processing, and the use of laptops as interfaces) amplify or hinder the artistic experience?

Additionally, briefly discuss what you think differentiates *Lork ensembles from other electronic music. (There isn't necessarily a correct answer, so try your best.)

Submission Details

  • Due date: April 9 (Tue) 23:59
  • Your write-up should be about 1-2 pages in length, in PDF or DOC format
  • Write-up should be emailed to the teaching staff: {jieun5, spencer, kwerner} @ ccrma
  • Please include "SLOrk Assignment 1" in the email subject.
  • We'll have a class discussion on April 10 based on your responses.