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"Morning SMASH!" (2009) by Nick Bryan, Visda Goudarzi, Charles Luskin, and Michael Berger

Program Description: "Morning SMASH!" is a structured improvisation featuring two software musical interfaces written by Nick Bryan and Michael Berger respectively. The piece juxtaposes smooth drone-like melodic strands with abrupt and rhythmic percussive outbursts, and explores the space between these two disparate elements. Both software interfaces utilize transients on the computers' "Sudden Motion Sensors" in order to trigger and control the sounds.



(2) Small Sketches 02 (SS02) -one high pitch -one lower pitch or bass

(2) Drum Circle (DC) -one with tom drum sounds -one with Tabla sounds


The piece can be divided into three and one half parts. The beginning starts out with the high SS02 voice exploring timbre space for roughly 101.5 minutes (section I). Near the end of section I, the scratching sound of SS02 begins and signals the beginning section II. Section II introduces both DC voices and the lower SS02. Over the course of two to three minutes the drums gradually increase with relatively constant rhythm. There's no specific section ending, but on intuition, the SS02 pitched material drops out and fades to scrachy sounds that accopmany the drumming that overall becomes the focus. At the end of section III, one of the drummers signals the end is near and everyone enters the coda at the same time. The coda is made up of one to four homophonous rhythmic strikes in all instruments of the sourse of nearly thirty seconds to end.


Four SLORK stations arranged in a square pattern with similar instrument types at opposite sides faces one another. Ideally, the four stations would be positioned in the center of the audience.


Drum Circle -To run DC a three chuck patches and a separate OpenGL program must be run. -The three separate Chuck files can be run individually (sms.ck, polySampler.ck, clock.ck) or by a separate chuck file that adds the other three (all.ck). Before you start the virtual machine, please set the default path in the preferences to be slork/users/njb/drumCircle. For simplicity, add all.ck and move on to adding the graphics program. -To run the graphics program, please open Terminal and move directories to /slork/users/njb/drumCircle/gfx. From there type ./drumCircle -All control is managed through the graphics interface with the following controls: s -full screen e -rotate pattern up r -rotate pattern down > -adds a circle < -subtracts a circle [ -rotate graphics back ] -rotate graphics forward + -move graphics forward - -move graphics backward (spacebar) -stops/starts the play clock so you can edit a specific note (tab) -starts/stops interactive mode using the sms sensor. At start up, it simply plays everything for you. In interactive mode, you must hit the computer to trigger a sound.

To eventually change tempo, you would have to go into the clock.ck fill and adjust accordingly.

Small Sketches 02 (SS02)