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      <page pageid="1691" ns="0" title="Reading MP3 Files">
          <rev contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">I've made some minor changes to Dan Ellis's [ mp3read.m] file to get it to work on the Planet CCRMA machines. To get [ mp3read.m] to work, you need 2 external binaries, [ mp3info] and [ mpg123]. The binary for mpg123 is present on the Planet CCRMA machines at /usr/bin/mpg123, but [ mp3info] is not. I've compiled the binary and placed it [ here].

You can grab my modified copy of Dan Ellis's mp3read [ here]. You will need to modify line 96 to point to  the location of mp3info.

In short:
# Grab [ my modified mp3read.m]
# Grab the mp3info binary I compiled [ mp3info] (or download [ the rpm] and install it yourself).
# You will need to make sure it has executable permission (from the command line, &lt;tt&gt;chmod 755 mp3info&lt;/tt&gt;)
# Make sure that the line 96 of the mp3read.m that you downloaded in step 1 points to the location of the mp3info binary you downloaded in step 2.
# Make sure that &lt;tt&gt;mp3read.m&lt;/tt&gt; is on your Matlab path.
# Use mp3read just like you would use wavread.

Update (7/2/09): Mac users can download all necessary files [ here].</rev>
      <page pageid="1288" ns="0" title="Realsimple">
          <rev contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">The [ REALSIMPLE] project is a joint project between [ KTH] in Sweden and [ CCRMA], funded by the [ Wallenberg Global Learning Network].  See the project [ home page] for details.