The Musical Acoustics Research Library

Online Document Access Information

It is possible to request that particular documents be scanned and converted to DjVu or Portable Document Format (PDF) files for internet access. However, copyright issues prevent us from scanning copyrighted material. Also, time restraints limit our ability to scan files. A request for a specific document, indicating that you have carefully reviewed the current online file descriptions, will receive MUCH higher priority than a random request or a request such as, "I'd like to view all files related to string instrument acoustics".

Hardcopy MARL documents are currently being scanned with DjVu software for online access. We plan to scan documents on a "per request" basis and then leave links to such files at appropriate points within the MARL WWW pages.

If you have discovered a reference to a document within the MARL Web pages that you are interested in viewing online, you should contact with a complete description of the desired document. It may not be possible to scan extremely long documents and/or large numbers of documents.

NOTE: CCRMA cannot scan or otherwise copy copyrighted material, such as journal articles. For Catgut Acoustical Society Journal articles, you may check the list of CAS Member Libraries to see if a library in your area subscribes to the CAS journal. For information on ordering back issues of the CAS Journal, consult the following CAS Journal Information.