The John W. Coltman Archive

The John W. Coltman Archive contains published papers, reports prepared as papers, reviews, correspondence, laboratory notebook material, and computer programs. Dr. John W. Coltman, a physicist and retired research executive of the Westinghouse Electric Corporation, has devoted much of his spare time to the study of the flute in its musical, historical and acoustical aspects. He has a substantial collection of instruments in the flute family, and is an active participant in amateur chamber music. His researches in musical acoustics, carried out in a small laboratory in his home, have contributed significantly to what is known today about the behavior of the flute and organ pipes.

In his professional career Dr. Coltman has received many honors for his invention and development of the x-ray image amplifier, now universally used in medical fluoroscopy. He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, holds 22 patents and has published some 70 technical papers.

* Biography
A brief biography of John W. Coltman

* Published Papers
A listing of Coltman's published work (papers, book reviews, and abstracts)

* Reports and Memoranda
Reports prepared as papers to be published, or as results of investigations undertaken for other parties

* Review Reports
Reports on papers submitted for review by John W. Coltman

* Correspondence
Correspondence regarding subjects in musical acoustics

* Notebook Material
Notebook material on the design of experiments and apparatus, experimental data taken, calculations and speculations

* Computer Programs
Computer programs in QuickBasic, on disk