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Abbott, D. See Segerman, E. -- issue 25:24-26 5/76
See Segerman, E. -- issue 29:29-33 5/78
Abbott, J. A. Mountain mahogany: A domestic alternate for ebony? 48:32 11/87
Abbott, J. A.
Abbott, W. M.
The legacies of John Bolander: opportunities for bow research 1.5:1-4 05/90
Abbott, J. A.
Doyle, E.
Violin bow dynamics - an initial response to John Bolander's plea (Note) 1.5:30-31 05/90
Abbott, W. M. See Abbott, J. A. -- issue 1.5:1-4 5/90
Abild, E. N. Cleaning a violin or bow 38:10 11/82
Ågren, C. H. A second look at the viol family 10:6-11 11/68
Rebec resurrection, or appreciation of an ancient ancestor 13:11-14 05/70
Optical contouring of violin and viol plates 14:17-18 11/70
Electro-optical vibration probe using integrated circuits 19:10-12 05/73
Textile security or taming the elusive viol (Note) 1.7:35 05/91
Fiddle after a viol player's heart (Note) 2.4:28 11/93
Fiddle after a viol-player's heart: monster progress report, part deux 3.3:58-59 05/97
Ågren, C. H.
Stetson, K. A.
Measuring the wood resonances of treble viol plates by hologram interferometry (abstract) 11:5 05/69
Akiyama, K.
Matsuda, M.
Nakano, M.
Spectral analysis of melody patterns by linear prediction: formant frequencies and spectral slopes (abstract) 2.3:29 05/93
Alf, G. T. Curtin & Alf's bass bar frame 3.2:51-53 11/96
Allen, J. B. Harmonic structure of an aging guitar string (abstract) 22:20 11/74
On the aging of steel guitar strings 26:27-28 11/76
Anderson, J. M. See Hanson, R. J. -- issue 2.4:45 11/93
Ando, S. A sound field reproduction system for use in music training rooms (abstract) 2.3:31 05/93
Ando, Y. On bore shape of a shakuhachi and its resonance characteristics [Abstracted 46:40 11/86] 47:21-25 05/87
Linearized models of shakuhachi bore shape and the significance of its configuration on musical properties (abstract) 1.4:39 11/89
Several peculiar structural devices of Japanese musical instruments and some aspects of timbre taste in Japanese music common with western ones [Repeat of ISMA '92 see 2.3:23 5/93] (abstract) 2.4:47 11/93
Andras, K. The subjective judgments of musicians and public in a reconstructed multi-purpose theater (abstract) 2.3:31 05/93
Angster, J.
Miklos, A.
Transient sound spectra of a variable length organ pipe (abstract) 2.3:30 05/93
Angster, Joseph See Angster, Judith -- issue 1.4:39 11/89
Angster, Judith
Angster, Joseph
Milos, A.
The investigation of the changes of the sound quality of an organ pipe during the intonation process (abstract) 1.4:39 11/89
Aoyagi, R. See Kishi, K. -- issue 2.8:39 11/95
Apgar, V. See Bram, Marjorie -- issue 8:3-6 11/67
Ariyama, M. See Ueda, K. -- issue 2.3:26 5/93
Askenfelt, A. Eigenmodes and tone quality of the double bass 38:34-39 11/82
Study your bowing technique! (abstract) 41:8 05/84
Mini-meeting on the acoustics of the piano 1.2:32 11/88
The motion of the piano hammer during string contact (abstract) 1.8:52 11/91
Properties of violin bows (abstract) 2.3:24 05/93
A look at violin bows (abstract) 2.4:46 11/93
Observations on the transient components of the piano tone (abstract) 2.4:48 11/93
Observations on the violin bow and the interaction with the string (abstract) 2.8:38 11/95
See Guettler, K. -- issue 2.8:38 11/95
See Guettler, K. -- issue 3.6:9-15 11/98
See Suzuki, H. -- issue 2.1:42 5/92
Askenfelt, A.
Guettler, K.
The bouncing bow: an experimental study 3.6:3-8 11/98
Askenfelt, A.
Hall, D.
Properties of piano hammers (abstract) 1.4:41 11/89
Askenfelt, A.
Jansson, E. V.
Piano touch, hammer action and string motion (abstract) 41:8 05/84
Vibration levels and finger forces in string instrument playing (abstract) 1.8:50 11/91
Attal, J. See Bucur, V. -- issue 2.1:41 5/92
Atwood, W. Plate margins: the next frontier 3.2:36-39 11/96
A bridge collection examined 3.4:38-43 11/97
Auhagen, W. Experimental research in the perception of tonality (abstract) 1.4:46 11/89
Auld, L. E. See Priesing, D. -- issue 46:47 11/86
Bachman, W. Inharmonicity and line-splitting in piano sound spectra (abstract) 1.4:41-42 11/89
Bacon, R. A. A discrete string model (abstract) 28:7 11/77
Baese, G. L. See Thompson, Rex P. -- issue 1.2:29 11/88
Bailliet, H.
Pelorson, X.
Richardson, B.
Lallouache, T.
Lip vibration and pressure recordings during french horn playing (abstract) 2.8:40 11/95
Bain, R. See Firth, I. M. -- issue 46:3-6 11/86
Banerjee, B. M. See Sengupta, R. -- issue 41:11 5/84
Bariska, M. Acoustics of Wood by Voichita Bucur -- Book review 3.1:51-52 05/96
Barkeshli, M. Un instrument traditionnel dans la musique Iranienne (abstract) 46:40 11/86
Barlow, C. Y.
Woodhouse, J.
Microscopy of wood finishes 1.1:9-15 05/88
Of old wood and varnish: Peering into the can of worms 1.4:2-9 11/89
Investigating old varnish and ground layers (abstract) 1.4:37-38 11/89
Mechanical properties and microstructure of bent spruce (abstract) 2.4:47 11/93
Barnes, P.
Chandler, P. F.
Cooke, L.
Fredin, S.
Hammel, G.
Townsend, P. D.
Whitlow, H. J.
Wilzen, L.
Analysis of sound spectra from bowed violins and violas 40:21-26 11/83
Bartram, S. F. Crystallinity of wood measured by X-ray diffraction techniques 7:8 05/67
Bazant, P.
Povolny, J.
Measurement of material properties of wood for musical instrument construction (abstract) 1.4:43 11/89
Bazant, P.
Stepanek, T.
Malka, A.
Predicting sound quality of a violin from its frequency response (abstract) 2.4:42 11/93
Beauchamp, J. Time-varying spectra of violin tones (abstract) 11:5 05/69
Beauchamp, J.
Horner, A.
Gennaula, C.
Goudeseune, C.
Investigation of timbre using spectral matching, modelling, and interpolation (abstract) 2.3:25 05/93
Bedrane, G. See Doutaut, V. -- issue 2.8:44 11/95
Bein, J. Thanks to the luthiers! 40:4 11/83
Beldie, I. P. Vibration and sound radiation of the violin at low frequencies 22:13-14 11/74
See Ghelmeziu, N. -- issue 17:10-16 5/72
Bell, A. J. Vibrations of the harp soundboard and soundbox (abstract) 41:12 05/84
The Helmholtz resonance and higher air modes of the harp sound box 3.3:2-8 05/97
Benade, A. H. Response of a plate in the region of unresolved resonances as affected by damping 4:12-13 11/65
Spectrum measurements in a somewhat reverberant room (abstract) 11:5 05/69
The wolf tone on violin family instruments 24:21-23 11/75
The path from string to ear (abstract) 25:5 05/76
Fiddle acoustics: The summer of 1977 28:3-6 11/77
Violin stringing and Leopold Mozart's advice 28:7-9 11/77
The room around the instrument 28:9-10 11/77
John Schelleng in retrospect 33:3 05/80
News from Cleveland 33:6 05/80
News from Cleveland 36:3 11/81
An essay on the interpretation of realtime analyzer data 38:30-33 11/82
News from Cleveland 40:3 11/83
Musical acoustics today 46:30-36 11/86
See Field, C. W. -- issue 35:3-4 5/81
See Schelleng, J. C. -- issue 26:4 11/76
See Weinreich, G. -- issue 1.7:39 5/91
See Worman, W. E. -- issue 1.5:17-22 5/90
Benade, A. H.
Roberts, E.
Tape recorder transposition of standard violin to simulate the highest seven members of C. M. Hutchins' family of true violins 13:8-10 05/70
Benade, M. A simple gauge for measuring purfling groove depth 15:15 05/71
Benade, V. Arthur H. Benade -- The making of a musical acoustics researcher, theorist and teacher 1.2:24-27 11/88
Berendt, R. D. See Schelleng, J. C. -- issue 28:31 11/77
Bernot, F. See Besnainou, C. -- issue 1.4:42 11/89
Bernstein, R. Tuning the top of a New Family small bass 35:12-15 05/81
A tip for a perfect hollow grind 37:26 05/82
Besnainou, C. Looking for the properties of ancient gut strings (abstract) 1.4:41 11/89
Composite materials versus musical instruments (abstract) 2.4:46 11/93
Modal stimulation: a sound synthesis approach (abstract) 2.8:43 11/95
See Vaiedelich, S. -- issue 1.4:38 11/89
See Vallete, C. -- issue 1.4:45 11/89
Besnainou, C.
Bernot, F.
A new instrument: The Klanoun, which may be used as a small portable harpsichord (abstract) 1.4:42 11/89
Bessaraboff, N. Translation -- "Two main types of arching" by A. K. Leman 8:9-11 11/67
See Boyden, D. D. -- issue 21:3-4 5/74
See Bram, Marjorie -- issue 8:3-6 11/67
Billaud-Siefert, F. See Rocaboy, F. -- issue 1.8:41 11/91
Bishop, C. D. See Hanson, R. J. -- issue 46:39 11/86
Bissinger, G. The Science of Sound by Thomas D. Rossing -- Book review 38:6 11/82
Violin Acoustics - A New Look at Old Art by Augustus F. Mathews -- Book review 1.5:40 05/90
The Physics of Musical Instruments by Neville H. Fletcher and T. D. Rossing -- Book review 1.7:41 05/91
Violin cavity mode dependence on f-hole shape, area and position (abstract) 1.8:49 11/91
Semiempirical relationships for A0 and A1 cavity mode frequencies for bowed string instruments of the violin, viola and cello family 2.1:8-12 05/92
Effect of f-hole shape, area, and position on violin cavity modes below 2kHz 2.2:12-17 11/92
The effect of violin cavity volume (height) changes on the cavity modes below 2 kHz 2.2:18-21 11/92
The Absolute Tone - The Secret of Stradivari by Solomon Budnick -- Book review 2.3:20 05/93
Bounce tests, modal analysis, and the playing qualities of the violin bow 2.8:17-22 11/95
Ambiguity in A1 - B1 delta criterion for violin tone and quality 3.1:13-16 05/96
Mode-ling the sound of the violin: the V-R model and the role of the soundpost 3.5:29-37 05/98
Toward a normal-mode understanding of the violin 3.6:21-22 11/98
Modal analysis of assembled string instruments 3.8:19-23 11/99
Bissinger, G.
Gearhart, F.
A standardized qualitative violin evaluation procedure? 3.6:44-45 11/98
Bissinger, G.
Hutchins, C. M.
Plate tuning project on (machine figured) violins (abstract) 25:5 05/76
Tuning the bassbar in a violin plate, I 26:10-12 11/76
Tuning the bassbar in a violin plate, II 30:23-27 11/78
"Q" measurements of mode #2 and mode #5 in a number of violin and viola top and back plates 35:5-7 05/81
Evidence for the coupling between plate and enclosed air vibrations in violins 39:7-11 05/83
Further evidence for coupling between plate and enclosed air vibrations in string instruments 40:18-19 11/83
Tracking "enclosed air plate" coupling with interior gas exchange (abstract) 41:13 05/84
Air-plate --> neck fingerboard coupling and the "feel" of a good violin 44:11-12 11/85
A1 cavity-mode-enhanced fundamental in bowed violin and viola sound 1.2:11-13 11/88
Bixler, M.
Sacksteder, R.
Software review: SCORE desktop music publishing system for the IBM PC 1.4:31-32 11/89
Bodley, N. Inharmonicities in the piano -- Report on lecture-demonstration by Dr. Albert E. Sanderson (abstract) 25:5 05/76
Bonamini, G.
Chiesa, V.
Uzielli, L.
Anatomical features and anisotropy in spruce wood with identical rings 1.8:12-16 11/91
Bonta, S. Further thoughts on the history of strings 26:21-26 11/76
Compromises in the design of the bass violin, 1530-1700 (abstract) 46:39 11/86
Boomsliter, P. C.
Creel, W.
Research potentials in auditory characteristics of violin tone (abstract) 11:5 05/69
Prestimulus perceptual activity in perception of tone in musical sequences 32:3-7 11/79
Bork, I. Modal analysis in musical acoustics (abstract) 1.4:37 11/89
Impulse measurements on violins (abstract) 2.4:43 11/93
See Meyer, J. -- issue 2.8:43 11/95
See Meyer, J. -- issue 46:38 11/86
Boullosa, R. The use of transient excitation for guitar frequency response testing 36:17-20 11/81
Boutillon, X. The piano hammer action (abstract) 46:37-38 11/86
On the duration of violin transients (abstract) 2.4:44 11/93
See David, B. -- issue 2.8:42 11/95
Boutillon, X.
Guerard, J.
Hybrid synthesis (abstract) 2.8:43 11/95
Boutillon, X.
Weinreich, G.
Measuring the admittance of a violin bridge in three directions (abstract) 1.4:48 11/89
Bower, V. E. Die Akustik der Gitarre in Einzeldarstellungen by Jürgen Meyer -- Book review 46:45-46 11/86
Manual of Guitar Technology by Franz Jahnel -- Book review 48:33 11/87
Bowie, J. C. Principles in bridge design (abstract) 1.4:48 11/89
Principles in acoustic bridge design (abstract) 2.4:46 11/93
Bowsher, J. M. Subjective assessment of musical instruments (abstract) 25:15 05/76
Boyden, D. D. Nicholas Bessaraboff's Ancient European Musical Instruments -- reprinted from Notes -- Book review 21:3-4 05/74
Bram, Marjorie Viol Family 11:2-3 05/69
An interview with Carl-Hugo Ågren 14:12-15 11/70
The World of Baroque and Classical Instruments by Jeremy Montagu -- Book review 32:2 11/79
The World of Romantic and Modern Musical Instruments by Jeremy Montagu -- Book review 36:4 11/81
Bram, Marjorie
Apgar, V.
Hutchins, C. M.
Interview with Nicholas Bessaraboff 8:3-6 11/67
Bram, Marvin Regarding viola tone 25:8-9 05/76
Branning, H. P. Audition preferences of trained and untrained ears on hearing melodic and harmonic intervals when tuned in just intonation or Pythagorean ratios 40:5 11/83
Brelay, H.
Hoejke, P.
Rossing, T. D.
Vibrational modes and decay rates of solid and laminated piano soundboards (abstract) 2.3:28 05/93
Bresciani, J. F. See Caussé, R. -- issue 2.3:25 5/93
Bretos, J.
Santamaría, C.
Ezcurra, A.
Moral, J. A.
Natural eigenmodes and random response of the violin box: numerical and experimental study (abstract) 2.8:38 11/95
Bretos, J.
Santamaría, C.
Moral, J. A.
Effect of the bass bar on the free violin top plate studied by finite element analysis 3.6:16-20 11/98
Brock-Nannestad, G. The masking of characteristic spectra by the acoustico-mechanical recording process (abstract) 41:8 05/84
Brown, D. E. See Rossing, T. D. -- issue 2.3:34 5/93
Brown, E. Letter to the editor: Reactions to the alto violin 29:3,26 05/78
Brown, J. C. Fourier analysis of the bowed string (abstract) 46:42 11/86
Brownell, D. Research Papers in Violin Acoustics 1975-1993, ed. by C. M. Hutchins and V. Benade -- Book review 3.4:59 11/97
Bucur, V. Anatomical structure and some acoustical properties of resonance wood 33:24-29 05/80
Relationships between grain angle of wood specimens and ultrasonic velocity 41:30-35 05/84
Ultrasonic velocity, stiffness matrix and elastic constants of wood 44:23-28 11/85
Variability of resonance wood expressed by its elastic constants (abstract) 46:41 11/86
Varieties of resonance wood and their elastic constants 47:42-48 05/87
Wood stiffnesses determined by mode conversion technique (abstract) 1.4:43 11/89
Acoustic emission techniques in wood science (abstract) 1.8:48 11/91
The application of acoustic emission techniques in wood science and technology 2.1:28-31 05/92
Viscoelastic behavior of resonance wood expressed by ultrasonic measurements (abstract) 2.3:24 05/93
See Rocaboy, F. -- issue 1.6:21-28 11/90
Bucur, V.
Saied, A.
Attal, J.
Identification of wood anatomical elements by acoustic microscopy (Note) 2.1:41 05/92
Budnick, S. See Bissinger, G. -- issue 2.3:20 5/93
Burroughs, C. M. See Wang, L. M. -- issue 3.7:9-17 5/99

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