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Name:Waldman, Mark


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A student in the College of Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University who did his Master's thesis

on a finite element study of the back plate of a violin, modelling it as a shallow orthotropic shell structure.

Measurements were taken from a back plate #264 loaned by CMH: contour elevations and thickness

graduations. Comparisons were made using SAP IV computer program of modes #1,#2 and #5 with

studies via hologram interferometry. Waldman indicates that two significant conclusions were that SAP

IV is capable of predicting the fundamental vibrations in a structure as complicated as the violin back

plate; and that the shear modulus of mode #1 plays a critical role in the analysis of violin back plate


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Correspondence: with CMH, 1983-1991.

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Technical: Proposal and Thesis, MS, Civil Engineering, 1984, Pennsylvania State University, `A

vibrational analysis of a thin, shallow shell - The Violin back plate - using the SAP IV computer


Key Words:Finite element analysis | Holography | Violin back plate | SAP IV computer prog.

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