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Name:Tenney, James C


See also:M4295 - Mathews, M V

General Information:

Included is a computer study of the analysis and synthesis of violin tones done by a group at the Bell

Telephone Laboratories, Murray Hill (M.V.Mathews, J.E.Miller, J.R.Pierce) and James Tenney of Yale

University, using a violin from the Yale Collection and recording in an anechoic chamber on magnetic

tape transferred to digital recordings, subsequently used as input data for a set of computer programs.

Successive periods of the signal were analyzed giving measures of frequency, amplitude, and spectral

parameters with results printed out in numerical form, also with a graphic display. Of particular interest

are John Schelleng's comments indicating, among other things that the authors did not understand the

basic action of the bowed string, nor had they had reference to the definitive work on the bowed string

by C V Raman in 1919.

File Contents:


Technical: BTL Memo 1965 `Computer Study of Violin Tones' with M V Mathews, J E Miller & J R

Pierce ; Critiqued in a letter to Pierce by J C Schelling; Report to the NSF & Proposal for continued

work on project ` An experimental investigation of (violin) timbre'.

Key Words:Violin timbre | String excitation

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