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File #:S8415

Name:Stetson, Karl A

Dates:b. 1937

See also:A4270 - Agren, Carl Hugo

General Information:

Karl Stetson came to 112 Essex and introduced the idea of using hologaphic interferometry for studing

violin plates to CMH in the late 60's. He had graduated from Lowell Technological Institute and then did

an MS degree at the University of Michigan, where he got into holographic work. In 1967 he received a

grant to work at the Royal Institute of Technology and subsequently obtained his doctorate in 1969. He

then spent two years at the National Physics Lab in Teddington, England, followed by two years at the

Ford Motor Co in Dearborn, MI, and ever since as a senior research engineer in optics and acoustics at

United Aircraft in Connecticut. (See File 102 for a detailed biography.) Throughout these years he wrote

articles for the CASNL (See File 103) and made numerous holographic studies of violin plates for CMH

sending photos back to Montclair. (Examples may be found in File 104.) He made studies of guitars with

Karl Hugo Agren as well.

File Contents:


Correspondence (1967-1981) with CMH

Key Words:


Miscellaneous: Resume of Stetson, 2 newspaper article and 2 magazine articles on his work.

Key Words:


Technical: 17 published papers on holography and applications. See Technical Summary.

Key Words:Holograms; interferometry


Technical: Misc drafts of tech papers; copy of guitar hologram; tech notes with drawings; 4 envelopes

of photos of violin plate holograms and

3 pages of photos comparing holograms of thick, thin and arched plates. Also, 5 papers by other

authors on holography.

Key Words:Holograms; interferometry

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