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Name:Savart, Felix


See also:F6120 - Fletcher, D A; C7450 - Condax, Louis.

General Information:

A pioneer acoustician and expert experimentalist who started on a medical career, but when patients

were slow in coming he turned to experiments with the violin and began to devote himself to the study of

acoustics and explored a wide range of subjects from the acoustics of air, the human voice, bird songs,

vibrating solids and the sounds in flowing liquids. This latter is particularly interesting to cardio-vascular

researchers today, so much so that V.A. McKusick and H.K. Wiskind wrote a monograph on Savart's

life and work with extensive references to his many publications (see copy in file). Savart's pioneering

research on the acoustics of the violin is basic to much of the work being done today, such as the

Chladni pattern method of tuning violin plates, vibrations of the air in he violin, and of the bowed string.

Much of this was also described in his MEMOIRE of 1819 as well as in his lectures reproduced in the

periodical l'INSTITUT. The CAS obtained copies of these in French which were translated by Donald

A. Fletcher, (see file), portions of which are in Benchmark Vols. 5 and 6.

File Contents:


Correspondence (11): (1960-1967) between CMH and librarians and others about Savart; between

Margery Quigley and CMH.

Key Words:


Miscellaneous (5): Fletcher release for translations; Biographical information (2); microfilms of the

Savart 1819 memoire and the Ernst Freidrich Florens Chladni 1809 treatise (French translation).

Key Words:Chladni patterns


Technical (7): The 1819 memoire; the 1840 L'Institut articles on the acoustics of musical instruments;

Annales de Chemie et de Physique; D.A. Fletcher translations of portions of all; P. Davidson

translation of portion of L'Institute; the McKusick/Wiskund article on Savart. CMH comments on

Fletcher translations & content. See Tech Summary.

Key Words:Sound quality | cardiovascular sound | Chladni patterns | plate vibrations

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