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Name:Risset, Jean-Claude


See also:M4295 - Mathews, Max V; L5310 - Leipp.

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A physicist with a D es Sc from the university of Paris, who is also a pianist and composer, Risset has

done much definitive work in the analysis and synthesis of speech and musical tones and computer

composition. He was first associated with the Centre Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique and then

came to the Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill in the 1960s during which time he became interested in the

research of the CAS and the Octet instruments. His paper with M.V. Mathews "Analysis of

Musical-Instrument Tones", Physics Today Vol. 22 No. 2 gives the evolution in time of the onset of 13

harmonics for the first 0.2 sec of a trumpet tone. Risset tried to do this for a violin tone, but found the

violin tones too variable. In 1972 Risset wrote that he had a position at University d'Aix in Marseille

where he was developing a research center in musical acoustics and computer music. He was also at

IRCAM in Paris.

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Correspondence: (1968-1976) involving CMH and Risset. Some on research in France (Leipp &

Bladier). Miscellaneous: Tourist map of France.

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Technical: Memo from BTL 1966 - Computer study of Trumpet Tones.

Key Words:Trumpet Tones | Sound Perception | Computer analysis

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