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Name:Reinicke, F L Walter

Dates:b. 1939

See also:C9160 - Cremer, Lothar

General Information:

A student of Professor Lothar Cremer at the Heinreich Hertz Institute in Berlin who, with Cremer made

the first interferometric holograms of the completed vibrating violin. He subsequently did the first

definitive analysis of the violin and cello bridges using hologram interferometry for his Doctoral thesis

(included here). His article on this :"Transfer Characteristics of Stringed Instrument Bridges" in the CAS

NL #19 is a summary report of the thesis and has been invaluable to many researchers (translated by

Dr Edward Wall with Reinicke's approval). Since 1973 Reinicke has been a staff member in the

acoustical consulting office of Muller BBN-GmbH, Munich.

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Correspondence: (1973-1978) with CMH

Key Words:


Biography; Technical: (1) `Application of Holographic Interferometry to Vibrations of the Bodies of

String Instruments', with L.Cremer, JASA 10/70; (2) Doctoral thesis, Berlin 1973 `Die

Ubertragungseigenschaften des Streichinstrumentensteges'; (3) Extract in German of Thesis in

CASNL 19 5/73; (4) Translation by E Wall; (5) `Transfer Characteristics of Stringed Instruments

Bridges' from CAS NL 29 5/78.

Key Words:Holography | Bridges

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