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File #:R3140

Name:Reder, Otto

Dates:d. 1978

See also:L8840 - Lottermoser, Werner

General Information:

An engineer, born in Madrid, living in Germany, Bremen-Lesum and then Baden-Baden. He had

followed the writings of F.A.Saunders and was much interested in the construction and acoustics of

violins. He was very good at getting people together and working with others; in the 1960s introduced

CMH and Schelleng to Prof Werner Lottermoser of the PTB in Braunschweig who had been

researching violins for many years; also to Dr. Jurgen Meyer who was at that time Lottermoser's

assistant; made possible an exchange of free violin plates for tuning as well as a completed violin for

comparative tests between Schelleng-CMH and Lottermoser-Meyer with many records of the effects of

changes. Reder had violins made by meister Hans Klotz of Mittenwald and Dietrich Liebenwein of

Baden-Baden with records on plate tones etc. and compiled free plate mode frequencies of many violins.

He made possible a good visit with Fernando Solar, violin maker, in Madrid. Otto Reder was an

enthusiastic member of the CAS, attended the first Mittenwald Symposium and wrote for the

NEWSLETTER. Ill health prevented him from travelling to the USA.

File Contents:


Correspondence: (1963-1978) involving Virginia Apgar, CMH, W Lottermoser, Erna Reder, Otto

Reder, F A Saunders and J C Schelleng.

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Miscellaneous: Biog info; diagrams, brochures, charts. Technical: CASNL #13 `The Search for the

Perfect Bow'.

Key Words:Bows | plate testing | violin acoustics.

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