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Name:Pasqualini, Gioacchino


See also:B2470 - Barducci, Italo.

General Information:

A concert violinist also trained in mathematics and acoustics (receiving his diploma from the University

of Rome in 1938) Pasqualini maintained a lifelong interest in the art and science of violin making as well

as the study of ancient instruments. As sponsor and contributor to many national and international

conferences in violin acoustics, Pasqualini did much to engender the revival of violin making in Italy, and

was a prime influence in the reestablishment of the Cremona Violin Making School. His research in

electroacoustics applied to the study of violin acoustics and his extensive corresponcance on the subject

brought Pasqualini a worldwide reputation. He corresponded with F.A. Saunders and C.M. Hutchins.

He was especially interested in standardising the size of the viola at 16 1/2 inches. In 1962 he presented

his extensive collection of stringed instruments to the Saint Cecilia Academy of Rome in memory of his

son who died tragically. Pasqualini is best known today in violin acoustics for his joint paper with Italo

Barducci, "Misura dell'attrito interno at delle constanti elastiche del legno" Il Nuovo Cimento , 5(5),

16-466 (1948) reproduced in Benchmark Vol. 5 with English translation.

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Correspondence (11): (1955-1973) involving REF, CMH, Pasqualini, and FAS.

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Miscellaneous (1951-1969): biographical material, bibliographic publications, `homages' to G.P.

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Miscellaneous: A.N.L.A.I (Nat'l Assoc Italian Luthiery) statutes & notices; bibliographies on

ultrasound; programs from 2nd & 3rd nat'l competitions for contemporary makers; competition

announcements; newspaper accounts; Santa Cecilia Program

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Technical papers: (5 from 1948-1961) with some translations. Also a translation of an article by

Pasqualini, but probably based on one by Chisto Petkov. See Tech Summary.

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