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File #:M6130

Name:Meyer, Jurgen

Dates:b. 1933

See also:L8840 - Lottermoser, Werner

General Information:

Jurgen Meyer collaborated with Werner Lottermoser and continued the work after Lottermoser's

retirement from the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB). The space serving as their anechoic

chamber had been used during the war by the Luftwafe. Subsequently assigned by the Allies for musical

acoustics research, it posed some hardships requiring frequent `raking' of the floor to enhance the sound

aborption properties. Meyer, a good violinist, was involved in the testing of a German violin carried out

by CMH and Lottermoser. This resulted in an interesting example of regional or cultural peferences in

intruments, with Meyer prefering the German violin to that of CMH, whereas Sterling Gorill, a US

violinst, strongly disliked the German one. The file shows an active correspondence between JM and

CMH, with his sendng many reprints from his very prolific publishing. His main area of research has

dealt with the directional characteristics of instruments and their effects in the sympnony orchestra. He

had hoped to host the ISMA '95 meeting in Braunschweig to coincide with his retirement, but the

committment had been made prior to hold the meeting in Paris. There was a suggestion that he do it in

1999, but to date there is no such plan.

File Contents:


Correspondence: (1969-1979) between J Meyer, CMH and Michael McIntyre.

Key Words:


Miscellaneous: Biographical info; ads for his books; tourist book

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Technical: 45 papers from 1964-1980, including a bibliography prepared by Meyer and a partial list of

abstracts. See Tech Summary.

Key Words:Directional characteristics of instruments; orchestral seating; orchestral sound


Technical: Book - 'Acoustics and the Performance of Music', Verlag das Musikinstrument,

Frankfurt/Main, 1978.

Key Words:Acoustics; musical performace

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