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Name:Lottermoser, Werner

Dates:b. 1909

See also:M6130 - Meyer, Jurgen.

General Information:

A native of Dresden, with a doctorate from the University of Berlin under Professor Biehle, Lottermoser

joined the Physikalische-Technische Reichsanstalt (now Bundesanstalt) (PTB) working in the laboratory

of Professor Grutzmacher on various problems of musical acoustics. He is a fine organist and

investigated the acoustical characteristics of baroque organs, and has been involved in the design of and

musical performance of new ones. A demonstration he gave CMH on one with his sister singing church

music was very beautiful and moving. Many of his 100 technical papers are on the organ, but he also

developed various types of test equipment for studying the acoustics of violins and made response curves

of all quality instruments. Lottermoser and CMH worked together on several test violins in an effort to

correlate test methods and results (see CASNL). He also made a study of tree ring analysis of violin

tops as a method of authenticating instruments. Lottermoser retired from the PTB in 1972 leaving his

long time associate Jurgen Meyer to continue his work.

File Contents:


Correspondence: (1963-1988) to & from Lottermoser involving R.E. Fryxell, M. Grutzmacher, CMH,

and J.C. Schelleng.

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Miscellaneous: biographical materials, short essay by J.C. Schelleng on the work of Lottermoser and

Jurgen Meyer; personal cards; copies of newsclips.

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Miscellaneous technical items: charts, graphs, response curves, etc.

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Technical Papers: (26 from 1950-1978), 7 of the papers co-authored by Jurgen Meyer and 1 by W.

Linhardt. Several papers have marginal translations and comments by J.C. Schelleng. A partial

translation of one paper. Also bibliography of 84 items (1935-1973) of which 18 are included. See

Tech Summary.

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