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Name:Leipp, Emile

Dates:d. 1985/6

See also:G8825 - GAM; C3480 - Castellengo, Michele; M7193 - Moles, Abraham A; S2650 - Savart.

General Information:

A skilled violin maker and teacher of music whose interests in applying scientific research to the violin

led to his doctoral thesis at the Sorbonne in 1960, "Les Parametres sensible des instruments de musique a

cordes frotte". For many years he was Directeur de Laboratoire d'Acoustique, Universite de Paris VI,

Institut de Mechanique, Theorique et Appliquee. He organized the "Groupe d'Acoustique Musicale"

(GAM) which met regularly for some years and published bulletins on the problems of musical acoustics.

Many of the GAM bulletins are in the CAS file. A selected list of Leipp's papers is in Benchmark Vol. 5

along with his paper, written jointly with Abraham Moles "l'Employ du sosograph dans le determination

de la qualite des instruments a cordes". Leipp made various studies ranging from the physical

measurements of strings to attempts to correlate the value of a violin and its physical parameters. His

book "Le Violin, historique esthetique, facture et acoustique" Herman & Cie, Paris 1965 (English

translation, University of Toronto Press, 1969), was widely accepted. Leipp had two original Savart

trapezoidal violins in his laboratory and had studied them extensively. The original evaluation that they

had very good tone was certainly not based on modern standards for violin quality. See "The Violon de

Savart" par E. Leipp, Musique et Radio, Paris 1959.

File Contents:


Technical papers and booklets (20 from 1952-1978); translation by H. Burritt Miller of one paper;

comments on some papers by J.C. Schelleng. See GAM G8825 for other technical papers.

Key Words:Musical acoustics | clarinette | violin


Correspondence: (1960-1986) to & from Leipp from FAS, REF, CMH.

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Biographical material; book flyer, publication list [874 KB, PDF]; technical papers (3) including an English translation.

Key Words:Sonograph | string excitation | string vibration

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