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Name:Lazarus, Hans


See also:C9160 - Cremer, Lothar

General Information:

Hans Lazarus was a graduate student working with Lothar Cremer in Berlin in 1970 and presented a

paper at the ASA in Atlantic City at which time he planned a visit to CMH in Montclair. Subsequently,

Cremer arranged for CMH to lecture at the Heinrich Hertz Institute in Berlin on her way to the 1971

meeting of the ICA in Budapest. At that time Lazarus treated CMH to a memorable tour of Berlin. He

did technical work on the bowed string and also in speech communication. He remained in the CAS until

1985, but is no longer believed to be active in acoustics.

File Contents:


Correspondence: 1970 - 1985 with CMH & JCS; Technical: (1) draft of paper submitted to CASNL:

"Theory of String Excitation by Bowing"; (2) Thesis 1972 from Tech Univ. in Berlin in German. (3) A

joint paper on the bowed string may be found in the Cremer file - C9160. Miscellaneous: Travel

receipts and tourist info from CMH's trip to Berlin.

Key Words:bowed strings

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