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Name:Kvam, Arnold Kunrad

Dates:d. 1981

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At the time Dr. Kvam became interested in the Violin Octet he was the Head of the Music Department

of Douglass College in New Brunswick, N.J. Early in his career he had done some work in violin

acoustics in Europe. He was very much interested in the Octet instruments, particularly the baritone and

tenor since he was a trained cellist. He was one of the referees in the first composer contest for the

octet instruments and put on a concert using several of the winning pieces. (See photos in file)

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Correspondence: (1976-1982) involving Kvam, CMH, Elizabeth McGilvray and Kirstin Kvam Swan.

Miscellaneous: Flyer on European Music Festival in 1959 led by the Kvams with their biographies.

Key Words:Violin Octet

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