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Well known violinist and a leading figure in American chamber music was leader of the Coolidge String

Quartet and in 1945 founded his own Kroll Quartet. CMH got to know him through her friend, Helen

Rice (one of the early instigators of the Amateur Chamber Music Players) and spent many evenings

listening to him play quartets in her studio on W. 67th street. When CMH had made about a dozen

instruments, she and her husband took them to Kroll for comment. He finally selected one and said

"This one has it," and described the full tone and vibrations that could be felt through the shoulder, etc.

So she went home and took it apart to try to find out what made it work so well, thus learning the

beginning of plate tuning. Later CMH took a viola to Kroll for a student at a time when the quartet was

rehearsing in his studio. David Mankovitz, the violist of the quartet tried it; Kroll tried it; and Mankovitz

bought it on the spot! Mankovitz played it for over ten years in the quartet, beside Kroll's Ernst

Stradivarius. Record jackets of the quartet said "Mankovitz owns an Amati viola, but uses a modern one

here for its superior recording properties."

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Correspondence: (1959-1978) involving CMH, Pearl Kroll and William Kroll. Xmas cards.

Miscellaneous: Flyers and concert programs for the Kroll Quartet. Article from Mannes College 1973,

NY Times obit 1980.

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