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Name:Kingman, Russell


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An industrialist, inventor, and former cellist with the American String Quartet who owned and played the

Stradivarius cello that had belonged to Emanuel Feuermann. He became interested in the violin work of

CMH and from time to time would call her to come to his home in Orange (the next town) to do some

minor adjusting and repairs to the cello, when he did not want to take the time to take it over to

Wurlitzers'. He was a friend of Pablo Casals and served as chairman of the finance committee of the

Casals Music Festival in Prades. He founded the New Jersey Symphony and was its Honorary

President; also President of the U.S. and International Lawn Tennis Associations, and an excellent

photographer, who travelled widely. After getting out of the hospital from a heart attack in 1956, the

first thing that Kingman did was to come to 112 Essex and take pictures of CMH at work on violins in

her kitchen where she worked at the time so she could keep track of her two children.

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Correspondence: with CMH (1956-1959); Miscellaneous: NY Times obits, programs from Kingman's

photographic exhibits and NJ Symphony Orch concert program of 11/56.

Key Words:Strad. cello (Feuermann).

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