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Name:Kimball, Dean


See also:A6320 - Antioch College

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Engineer and for some years head of the Department of Engineering at Antioch College, Kimball was

part of the original group interested in the proposal to establish a violin repair and research center there.

His interest in this work continued, and in 1969 Kimball spent several months of his sabbatical working

with CMH in both Montclair and New Hampshire. He became especially interested in making the

dulcimer and improving its sound. His book "Constructing the Mountain Dulcimer" is included here. He

has continued his membership and interest in the work of the CAS over the years.

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Correspondence: with CMH (1968-1992).

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Book: Constructing the Mountain Dulcimer, Crying Creek Publishers, 1975.

Key Words:Dulcimer.

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