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Acoustician , Fellow of the ASA, and Director of Research for the C.G. Conn Instrument Company in

Elkhart, Indiana who pioneered many developments in the Conn line of musical instruments, particularly

winds and pianos. Kent was editor of the Benchmark series Vol.9, "Musical Acoustics, Piano and Wind

Instruments." He became much interested in the new violin family (Violin Octet) and proposed a

collaboration (1965) between the CAS and Conn for Conn to make the new instruments with CMH as

consultant. This did not work out for a variety of reasons, mostly related to the take-over and

fragmentation of Conn. Earle was most helpful to CMH, broadening the scope of her activities in

acoustics and sponsoring her for membership in the ASA. A most cordial and productive relationship

was maintained over the more than 30 years.

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Correspondence: between CMH, Elizabeth McGilvray & EK and wife, Nina - 1965,1992. Response

of EK to an inquiry received at C G Conn, Ltd from L A Dean. A note to M J Talley re big viola from


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Miscellaneous: Photo clip from newsp May 1988; article from newsp Das Musikinstrument; Program

for Elkhart Symph Orch, 4/12/70; book review, Benchmark Papers in Acoustics `Musical Acoustics,

Piano and Wind Instruments', ed by Earle Kent (Mary Harbold); UAL ship invoice; Photo negs;

Pamphlet by EK.

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Technical: List of technical clinic topics; 3 papers: The Language of Musical Acoustics (with Jody C.

Hall), The Inside Story of Brass Instruments, Electronics and Music (submitted to Instructor


Key Words:Acoustic terminology | Brass instruments | Electronics | Pianos.

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