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Name:Hertzberg, H T E

Dates:b. 1905

See also:A6320 - Antioch College

General Information:

A graduate of Rice Institute with an MA from Harvard (1942) as well as a graduate of the U.S. Air

Corps Flying School whose professional career was as Chief of the Anthropological Branch of the

Aerospace Medical Division of Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio. As a violinist and as a hobby he had

learned to repair violins and became interested in the work of the CAS through Hutchins' 1962

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN article "The Physics of Violins," and started his own violin testing set up in

1963. As a result of this he conceived the idea of establishing a violin repair and research group at

Antioch College. See correspondance here and the formal proposal in the Antioch College file (not


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Correspondence: with CMH 1963 - 1986. Biography.

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