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Name:Hansson, Hans Olof


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A engineer with Siemens Cable Works who lived in Sollentuna, Sweden. In his spare time he developed

the five string viola-type instrument known as the Violino Grande, with five strings C-G-D-A-E. At one

time he lectured widely on this instrument and became much interested in our work with the Violin

Octet. See paper in CASNL. Bronislaw Eischenholtz, an expert violinist, demonstrated the Violino

Grande for Hansson.

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Correspondence: (1968-1974) involving Hansson and CMH.

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Miscellaneous: transcription of interview with Hansson taped by Marjorie Bram; recipe for a priming

coat for violins.

Key Words:Violin varnish primer


Technical papers: (3 from 1969-1970) on construction principles for the Violine Grande, a 5-string

instrument and on an aluminum substitute for copper as an electrical conductor (Sinipal)

Key Words:Violino grande | 5-stringed instrument | Construction principles | `Sinipal' Electrical


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