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Name:Hall, Harry Hepburn

Dates:d. 1985

See also:N5305 - University of New Hampshire - Violin Institute.

General Information:

A Professor of physics and Head of the Department at the University of New Hampshire retiring in

1969, but continued his own research on underwater signals. Earlier he had been a development

engineer with Western Electric and taught at the American University in Beirut where he grew up. He

was one of F.A. Saunders graduate students at Harvard (Leo Beranek was the other one) in the early

1930s and designed much of Saunders violin testing equipment such as the heterodyne analyzer and the

automatic bow, and published his work in JASA, J. Society of Motion Picture Engineers and Proc.

Inst.Radio Engineers. As a result of these references CMH found Hall in his retirement in Durham,

N.H. where he was still working on underwater signals, but also had time to help with violin research

and rework Saunders automatic bow into its original condition. He was a member of the CAS for many


File Contents:


Miscellaneous: Biographical info and obits. Correspondence: 1966-81 with CMH.

Key Words:


Technical: (5 papers from 1933-1971) See Tech Summary.

Key Words:Sound wave analysis

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