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File #:F6160

Name:Fletcher, William Harvey

Dates:1866 - 1959

See also:F6120 - Fletcher, Donald Atkinson (son)

General Information:

Uncle of CMH (mother's brother, father's brother in-law, and father of Donald A. Fletcher) who made

violins for many years as a hobby (at least 200). CMH never saw his actual working set up for he had

moved to Houston, Texas from Brooklyn before CMH became interested in string instruments. When

CMH needed a viola she wrote to him asking if he would make her one. He replied that he only knew

how to make violins, not violas, and suggested that she get in touch with his violin maker in NYC and try

making one herself. After discussions with husband and family, CMH went to the violin maker, C.

Meisel at 4 St Marks Place in the Bowery in NYC, bought a set of wood, a blueprint of a viola and a

book ("Violin Making as it Was and Is" Ed Heron-Allen) and got started. The work took two years of

carefully reading the book with occasional comments from Fletcher, the violin maker who spoke little

English (Meisel had died and his wife was running the shop), and a salesman at Wurlitzer's. When it

was done, the viola was rated the work of a good carpenter and was the only one that CMH planned to


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Correspondence: (1931-1965) involving Grace Louise Clark, W H Fletcher, William Harvey Fletcher

Jr., Louise Maley Hogan, CMH and Maud Alice Sauter.

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Miscellaneous: news clipping, an address, drawing of a violin outline, mailing label, obit and

Fletcher-Maley genealogy.

Key Words:CM Hutchins family.

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