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Name:Fletcher, Harvey


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Well known in acoustics as a founding member of the Acoustical Society of America and for many

years Director of the Bell Telephone Laboratories at Murray Hill. His research on speech and hearing

is widely know through his books and papers. In his retirement he developed a full scale acoustical

testing facility at Brigham Young University and with associates, published a number of papers on the

tones of musical instruments, especially the analysis and synthesis of violin, viola and cello tones, some of

which are included here.

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Correspondence: (1964-1972) between Fletcher and CMH and Robert D Graham. Miscellaneous:

Newspaper obits for Mrs Lorena Fletcher, wife.

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Technical: 10 papers from 1935-1965. See Tech Summary.

Key Words:Analysis & Synthesis of violin, viola & baritones | vibrato.

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