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Name:Eggers, Frieder

Dates:b. 1929

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Research physicist and cellist who did the first thorough study of vibration modes (1959) in which not

only nodal lines, but also contours of amplitude were plotted giving amplitude and phase. He also

measured the mechanical impedance at several points. The work was done on a cello (see photo).

Eggers worked at the Bell Telephone Laboratory, Murray Hill from 1960-64 and became much

interested in the research that Schelleng and Hutchins were doing, and often came to 112 Essex to

discuss acoustics and play quartets with us. Since 1964 Eggers has been at the Max-Planck-Institute in

Gottingen working in biophysical chemistry. A recent paper (1991) on mechanical impedance

measurements of the cello as well as the 1959 one are included here.

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Correspondence: with CMH 1964-1992.

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Miscellaneous: Biog material. Technical:1) `Untersuchung von corpus-schwingungen am violoncello',

ACOUSTICA, 1959 with comments by Schelling. 2) `Mechanical Impedance Measurements

Around the Violoncello', ACOUSTICA, 1991. It includes a preview version from Aachen 1987 and a

revision submitted to CASJ - reviewed by Schumacher and Jansson at request of Sid Fox, ed. -

subsequently withdrawn by Eggers and published in ACOUSTICA.

Key Words:Impedance measurements | Cello vibrations

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