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Name:Creel, Warren


See also:B7248 - Boomsliter, Paul C.

General Information:

Warren Creel and Paul Boomsliter worked together closely in the field of auditory perception and

organization, studying pitch relations and durational effects in tonal perception, sensation, rhythm and

cadence in language which they studied through music and poetry with related psychoacoustic studies,

including animal experimentation. Starting in the early 1960s, Warren worked as a research associate in

the Department of Surgery, Albany Medical College, after an early career in teaching. His interest in the

work of the CAS started in the mid 1960s, both in the research and development as well as in the

functioning of the Society, which lasted until his death. He was chairman of the Committee on By-Laws,

for many years Treasurer, and later Vice-President. His own research in psychoacoustics

complimented much that we were doing on the development of the new instruments of the Violin Octet.

Warren was great fun to work with and always had some interesting new ideas, and arguments could

go on far into the night. This file contains mostly correspondence. For his published papers and research

work see the file of Paul Boomsliter.

File Contents:


Correspondence: 1968-1989 between Creel & wife Marie and CMH. Others are REF, V Apgar, A H

Benade, Betty Goodfriend, JCS, regarding Nomination for Fellows of ASA. Also, CMH to various

contributors to CAS in his memory.

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Miscellaneous: Bibliography; Albany Med Center Bulletin article; Book Review of `Sounds of Music'

by C Taylor and supplemental article on `Musical Intonation for Fiddlers'; Poem: `The

Cellulose-Graphite Process for Helium Carbide' - Musings on the performance score in an intelligence


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Technical: 5 papers (1967-1975). Creel and others - one by Massaro alone discussing work of Creel,

Boomsliter & Powers. See Tech Summary.

Key Words:Preprocessed brain signals | tonal sensation | auditory perception | processing time for

auditory signals.

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