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Name:Clark, Melville, Jr


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General Information:

Received his PhD from Harvard in 1949 and has been working in musical acoustics one way or another

ever since. A grant proposal included here gives an idea of the breadth and depth of his commitment to

this field. Many of his publications are in the Audio Engineering Society Journal. Advised numerous

students at MIT and holds many patents on electrical aspects of musical instrument design.

File Contents:


Correspondence: (1983-1993) with CMH including lists of tech papers shipped to CAS in Montclair

and summarized herein. Miscellaneous: A list of Clark's associates from 1957-1990.

Key Words:Proposal for Acoustics Research Center.


Technical: 2 drafts of technical papers

Key Words:Proposal for Scientific Resesarch Center in Music


Technical: 14 published papers from 1959 - 1969. See Tech Summary.

Key Words:Electrical musical instruments.


Technical: 19 patents from 1960 - 1991. See Tech Summary.

Key Words:Photoelectric devices; electrical instruments.


Technical: 4 term papers & 19 BS Theses for which Clark was an advisor. See Tech Summary.

Key Words:Wind instruments; choral tone; harmonic analysis.


Technical: 2 Phd theses for which Clark was an advisor. See Tech Summary.

Key Words:Instrument tones.

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