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Name:Butler, Thomas G


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Working at the Goddard Space Center in the early 1960s, Butler was the primary one to develop the

program NASTRAN. He came to the D.C. meeting of the CAS and expressed much enthusiasm for

applying NASTRAN to a study of the violin. By 1971 his work with NASTRAN had reached the point

where he felt he could devote time to an investigation of not only the individual properties of the

soundpost, bassbar, bridge, purfling, f-holes, varnish and wood, but also of their functioning as a unit.

Many conferences with CMH helped him to get detailed measurements of the violin and all its parts and

an understanding of some of the research that had been done on the violin. By 1975 he was planning to

go to the National Science Foundation for some funding for this as well as using some of the award

money he had gotten for the development of NASTRAN. Unfortunately a serious accident put a stop to

all this and he hasn't been heard from since.

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Correspondence: (1965-1975) involving a Prof Bell (probably James Frederick Bell), Butler and

CMH. Includes part of grant proposal by Butler, with some comments by CMH and Schelling; also

page of equations.

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